Hello and welcooooooome to my website/blog. I actually hate the word blog so I’m going to stick with the word website if you don’t mind, thanks a bunch.

So the reason I’ve decided to set this up, if anyone really cares why, is for a few reasons really. Firstly, I just don’t really know what I’m doing with my life (in a career sense I mean! Or maybe every sense actually now that i think of it lol?!). So I wanted to put my mind to something that I would really enjoy and work hard at to get my mind focused on something exciting and new. I’m in Australia at the moment and just working in hospitality. I have a degree in Journalism but because of a mixture of visa limitations and a lack of confidence in my area, I haven’t really had the opportunity nor allowed myself the opportunity to go out and get a job in my field.

My mom has been plaguing me for roughly two years now, maybe more, to set up a blog and I’ve always been like “No way, leave me alone!” “I’d be so embarrassed and what do I have to post about”. A lot of it was because I was afraid of what people would think or say but now I just think fuck it?! I need to stop caring about what people think because if someone had something shitty to say about me then they’re not exactly someone I would be inviting round for a mug of tea anyway so doesn’t really matter.

I loooooove clothes like I just love putting together nice outfits and have done almost all my life (granted, if I had a bit more cash in the bank I’d be a lot more well dressed). As well as that, I love looking at other peoples nice outfits and I also like writing so I thought why not do something I enjoy and something that wouldn’t look too bad on the CV either.

So, if you have come this far and still give a shite, I will give tell you the type of things I hope to be sharing in my posts. I will basically be searching for the best, in my opinion, and most affordable clothes out there for all the various different types of occasions, gathering them all up along with links for where to purchase them, and just giving my opinion on how I would style them. I will also add what shoes and accessories etc look good and the different ways to wear them. To put in frankly, its basically just me posting the things I would be wearing every day if I had money coming out my arse!!! But I have to live within my means so I’ll just find them, cry over my laptop at how pretty they all are and just post them here for you instead!

It’s just a bit of fun, nothing serious and that’s all I have ideas for at the moment but I’m sure I’ll broaden my horizons a little bit at some stage and share other random things like food and travel bits. For now, that’s what you will be seeing if you are interested enough to read what I post. I will be posting links to any of my new posts on my Instagram and Snapchat and possibly on Facebook too. If you don’t already follow me there my username for all three of them is ‘Aislinn Dowling’, simple! If, by the grace of God, someone who is not from Ireland and doesn’t already know me/how to pronounce my name- it’s not pronounced Azelinn, it’s ASHlinn. An absolutely fair mistake to make but just letting you know! It’s gas because only my close friends and my family call me Ash at home but over here, every Tom, Dick and Harry calls me Ash because I genuinely cannot be arsed to explain it one more time to every person I meet. First world problems, God love me!

Anyway, I think that’s enough shit talk for one post so I will leave it there. I feel like I’ve cursed a lot in this but I suppose I curse a lot in real life too so it’s good to keep it natural I suppose lol, sorry Mom xo

Thank you so much for reading this and hopefully you’ll be reading something by me again very soon!!

Ash x