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6 Things Nobody Tells You About When Moving To Australia

6 Things Nobody Tells You About When Moving To Australia

Now before I start, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Australia/Sydney but I think those that don’t live here and those that don’t live abroad in general think that those of us who are away from home are on a permanent holiday. That is obviously derived from seeing the constant snaps of nights out, beaches and general pretty/fun things. While I do have so much fun here and will be staying here for a while longer (no idea how long), there are a few things people forget about when they think about moving.

  1. We do actually work too

    Things might look fantastic via people’s social media but we work 5-6 days a week over here also. We get up early and come home late the same as you would at home but we just live in a different country. You kind of think before you come here that I’m going to do this, this and this and then you quickly realise that that costs money and involves taking time off work. In saying all that when work is good and you have the hours it is so easy to save for all those things you want to do (when you don’t spend it all on drink at the weekend).

    2. The money is good but it can go quick

    The lifestyle over here is amazing and that is the main attraction for me about staying here. It’s kind of hard to describe but there’s just ALWAYS something going on and something I want to go to. I just don’t like feeling bored like I would at home so therefore you need to be prepared to constantly be putting a dent into your bank account to live the life you want to live. That might sound like an obvious thing and it is, but I also think people think the money over here is amazing and that you have thousands of dollars to spare (which you can depending on what you work at) but going out all weekend and going on excursions will have you spending thousands no problem. So, as much as you can make money you can spend every penny just as easy. Saving is hard when there’s so much fun to be had which isn’t a bad complaint either.

    3. A good (Irish style) Chinese is hard to come by

    A good sweet and sour, 3in1, 4in1, fried noodles and you know the rest is very hard to come by over here. There is a place in Bondi that is really nice and very similar to home called Pagewood but they don’t deliver unfortunately. If ever there was a first world problem this would be it but you know when you're hungover and that is all you can think about and you just can’t get it. You appreciate those things a lot more when you can’t get them so easy

    4. Sausage rolls and anything pork based are just not the same

    Sausage rolls are huge here but they are beef not pork and they are probably the biggest disappointment ever. You cannot beat the ones from the deli at home in Ireland and they are up there with one of the main things I miss from home. Them and my parents are probably on par. Bacon and ham are also big disappointments. When getting roast dinners like turkey and ham or bacon and cabbage I find the meat to be very rubbery. However, for anyone who is here and feels the same you can buy pickled pork in Woolies and it’s as close as you will get to being able to make a good bacon and cabbage for yourself here. You’re welcome.

    5. Winter is freezing

    Honestly nobody let me in on this well kept secret that it gets so, so cold here during Winter time. It’s a different type of cold though. As in it could be 13 degrees but way colder than the same temperature at home. It’s also very rare/non existent to have any central heating in houses and apartments so you do feel it a lot more because you can’t come home and cuddle up to the open fire. Mini heaters and hot water bottles will be your best friends. So, if you’re moving over coming up to Winter make sure you pack some warmer clothes and jackets. Preferably something with a hood!

    6. Being so far away from home does take its toll sometimes

    If I was given the option to move home in the morning with flights paid for and this and that, I wouldn’t take it because I want to stay here. However, there have been numerous times since I’ve moved here that I have wished it was easier and cheaper to just pop home and see all my family and friends. You have to come to terms with the fact that you will miss out on things from weddings to birthdays and celebrations to commiserations - you can’t afford to go home for everything. On top of that it can be so hard to try and keep in contact with everyone as often as you want to when there’s only a certain window in the day when they are awake to take your call or reply to your messages.

    All in all I would recommend anyone to come out here and experience it for a little bit and see what it’s all about. Even if you are a home bird, it’s like a home away from home here because they’re are so many Irish and other foreigners just like you trying to make a life here. There are pros and cons to living anywhere and although those of us abroad may look like we are living the dream, we definitely have our fair share of struggles out here too from time to time.

    I’ve said it before, but if anyone ever has any questions about moving to Sydney or Australia in general I’d be happy to answer if I can so don’t be afraid to ask!

    Thanks for reading!

    Ash xx

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