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Nasty Gal Haul

Nasty Gal Haul

It’s about time I got writing another blog post! It’s been a while as I’ve been busy busy with general life and all that but fair play to people who do this weekly or more often and have full time jobs too because it evidently ain’t easy for everyone.

Anyway, although I hate when people say ‘haul’, for lack of a better word, I’ve bought a few things recently so here is my Nasty Gal Haul. I haven’t worn everything out yet so excuse the excessive mirror pictures and filthy bedroom. I always tend to size up when buying tops (size 10) to leave room for the breasts but some of these have a stretchy material but I’ll give info on the sizing down below. Obviously sizing can be strange for women wherever you shop but as I’ve bought from Nasty Gal quite a bit their sizing has been good for me.

Click the photos to be brought to the links.

I really like this champagne colored, satin, puffy sleeved top. I was afraid it might be a little bit tight because there was no give in it but this was a size 10 and it was a perfect fit.

This one shoulder top was in a size 10 and could was also a perfect size. I really like the style and the way it fits.

This is the link for the leather skirt not the top but the link for the top is in the next picture. I just needed an a-line basic leather skirt and loved the look of this one. I got this in an 8 and I think I would actually go down a size. Although you can tighten it with the belt I just think it would sit better and look better fitted if it was just a little bit smaller.

I really like the color of this top. In real life there’s more of a pinky tone to it. It’s stretchy material and I got it in an 8 because I could see it wasn’t going to be tight around the boobs there is a lot of give in it. It also has really nice flared sleeves which aren’t shown too well in my pictures.

I really liked wearing this top. I didn’t know what it was going to be like on me when I was buying it but I’m obsessed with both the color green and anything backless and this had both. This was in a size 10 and was the perfect size for me.

I was obsessed with this dress when it came because me and anything one shoulder go hand in hand and also that color is up there with one of my faves. BUT I would definitely go up a size. I just felt there could have been a bit more give especially where that slit is concerned. I got it in an 8 so would have preferred a 10.

I’m obsessed with this and I really thought that I wouldn’t like it on me when it came but I really do. The only thing is if you were any bit taller than me (I’m 5”4/5”5) you just couldn’t possibly wear it. It’s already a tiny bit uncomfortable for me to wear as it’s a bit short and is riding up. It’s like the torso part is not long enough which is odd because normally long things are too long for me. I don’t think sizing up would help either because I like the way it sits and fits on me so I wouldn’t want it to be any looser. So basically, if you’re taller than me, don’t get it.

No complaints about this top. I really like it because it’s quite classy looking but sexy at the same time. It’s really nice with gold hoops. I got this in a size 10 which was needed for the boob area.

I never really wear tight dresses and I also rarely wear black so I said I would go all out and change things up. This is a perfect LBD, it’s a great fit and the neckline is really nice. I got this in an 8 and it’s true to size.

This was just a random cheap top I threw in my basket because I had a gift card and wanted something else to use it up. I actually really like it. The color is such a nice, bright powder blue and very cute with mom jeans or anything for summer. I got it in a 10 but could definitely size down as its stretchy.

I got this in a 10 and I would also size down in because it would be a slightly better fit but other than that I love it! It’s exactly the same as in the picture.

This is probably one of my favorites just because of the colors but it’s also a really nice fit. It sits really nicely on the waist and is really comfortable. I got this in a 10 but it’s stretchy so could go down a size if you wanted.

That’s everything that I’ve bought recently from Nasty Gal so I hope you like what you’ve seen! As usual there’s a sale on at the moment too of up to 80% off so enjoy!! Thanks for reading!

Ash xx

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