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Summer Holiday Outfits and Essentials

Summer Holiday Outfits and Essentials

As sad as I am to come to terms with it, summer has been and gone here in Sydney and it’s absolutely freezing here now but Ireland and the rest of Europe are in the middle of their warmer months. If we are to be realistic we don’t get much of a summer in Ireland, except for the outrageous one last year, so here are some pieces to sort you out on your sun holiday! I think its good to always have the basics and essentials that you can re-wear and add different tops etc. to them when you’re stuck. I find I always end up re-wearing a few staple pieces when I’m not that bothered to make an effort or if I’m literally just going to the beach down the road.

So I have started off with what I think is the key thing to have - a pair of denim shorts.


These ones are from Glasson’s for anyone in Australia. That’s probably my favorite most affordable shop here and you can order online and they deliver to Ireland/most places in Europe too if you're interested and want to have a look at their website. Anyway, you cant beat a solid pair of high waisted denim shorts especially with the ripped look. it’s just a simple, effortless look to pair them with a plain white tank top (didn’t actually have one for the photo), a tan belt and some tan sandals or flip flops. So nice with a tan!

Here are some other options I found that are very similar because I don’t have the link for mine.

I bought a white linen shirt over the summer here and it was the handiest thing to have- I wore it so many times! It’s perfect for going to the beach just to throw over your bikini/swimsuit with the denim shorts or whatever. This one, again, is from Glasson’s hence why it is my favorite shop here. I have the link for that one just click the image.

I actually found it difficult to find many links to good ones similar to this one but here is what I found.

A skirt in normal denim and white denim in particular are so nice for during the day on holidays. So handy and easy to put whatever with. Simple tank tops or something a bit more dressy will go with them and look very effortless but so nice with a tan. The ones below are from Glasson’s and Dotti.


Here are some similar ones that I found.

So those are the basic staples and next I’ve picked out the accessories that I think would go really well with them and lift it from being a basic outfit. These will also go with more or less all of the dresses that I’ve picked down further.

Moving on to a bit of colour, here are my top picks for some cute summer dresses to take you through the day and bring you to evening time for dinner and drinks.

That’s everything that I gathered up so I hope you’ve found a few things you like!

Ash xx

Nasty Gal Haul

Nasty Gal Haul