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Festival Season Outfit Ideas

Festival Season Outfit Ideas

Hellloooooo!! I am back again with another post - it feels like I haven’t wrote anything on style in so long but it’s festival season now (outside of Oz) so I thought it was time to get back at it and I have attempted to gather up a few bits that I thought were nice. Festival style is a tough one like its so varied but I tried my best to provide looks that suit a lot of different shapes and sizes. However, these are all based on my own sense of style so if you’re looking for very skimpy, stereo typical festival stuff you probably won’t find what you’re looking for here, but have a gawk anyway and see what you think. Again, click the pictures and it will bring you to the links.

Hope you find something you like!

Black Doc Martens, or if you click into one of my previous posts about shoes I have a cheaper pair of doc marten lookalikes, would look so good with this. With a a black buckled belt or black bum bag and either a black floppy hat/train driver hat or a black/maroon head band. Plus a pair of hoop earrings.

I wouldn’t do much with this because there’s a lot going on already so just pair it with white trainers (check my previous post on shoes for white trainer options).

This top would be so nice with mom jeans or high waisted denim shorts and a pair of burgundy Doc Martens/general boots. Some Elton John style sunglasses and a cream/white floppy hat/sun hat and away you go.

As I’ve said before, I love colors- which is no surprise if you know me personally. So I’m obsessed with this green top and to be honest I think the full matching outfit that you will see down below is unreal for a festival. So different!

This skirt with either a white printed t-shirt tied in a knot or tucked in or with a white bralet would look so good. Then just a pair of white chunky trainers and maybe a big pair of hoops.

This cardigan is so nice and would be cool to spice up a plain outfit with just high waist denim shorts, some sort of crop top or bralet and a pair of ankle boots.

I love the look of boiler suits at the moment! I would just wear this with white chunky trainers and maybe a pair of hoops or a printed head band.

This skirt is the same idea as the skirt above but I thought this metallic look was quite cool. So just a printed white t-shirt or white bralet and white chunky trainers.

I’m going to sound a bit repetitive now so I apologize, but, I would put this with either a printed t shirt either black or white or a black or white bralet. Then just black boots like the model has on.

Bare with me with this one because it needs a bit of DIY. So, I’m obsessed with the colors and neck line but it needs a black buckled belt to give it some shape or a black bum bag. I would also cut a good slit going up the side. Click the link to get a better look at the dress but this has unreal potential.

This is nice but I would definitely wear a belt with it to help give it some shape. Either a white buckled bet or a white bum bag around the waist. Hoop earrings would be fab and I live the arm bracelet that the model has on too.

I love this coloooooooor! A white crop top, white chunky trainers and if you could find earrings with a bit of orange in them it would be unreal. You could also wear it with a black crop top/bralet, a black buckled belt and black platform sandals.

Keep scrolling down for an idea for a top to wear with this skirt, That lime green top would be really cool, black Doc Martens and a similar belt. Add some black drop down earrings and some cool sunglasses or a train driver style hat.

Exactly how the model is wearing it is perfect but I would add a black belt or bum bag, again, I’m repeating myself- I am aware but those are genuinely just staples. The train driver style hat in black would be really nice with this also!

White top and white trainers. Very simple outfit but really nice for a festival. I love flared printed pants.

The fringe detail is so nice for a festival and this would also be nice with the lime top down below. Again with the black Docs.

I really like this top and lime green is very nice for a festival. it’s very simple but love the bit across the neck. As i said it would look really nice with the black skirts I mentioned above.

I love a nice jumpsuit because they’re so comfy but still look really good! This would be perfect for the Sunday of the festival when you’re close to death’s door. Throw the hair up in a bun and get a headband with a touch of orange in it, a pair of gold hoops and white trainers.

Love a good co-ord for a festival and as you might be able to tell I seem to be partial to the color orange. I wouldn’t put too much with this because there’s a lot going on already but just a pair of white trainers maybe.

This is an example of a white bralet that I have been harping on about with almost every outfit.

From first look you probably think this looks way too dressy for a festival but I think this would be so fab with black Docs and add a bit of color with a coral lipstick and maybe an orange bum bag or something. I really love long dresses and skirts with boots at festivals.

I really like this top and thought it would be a good alternative for if you don’t want to wear a crop top with any of the pants etc. that I have mentioned. The pants below would actually be fab with this.

I loooove these pants- I love anything with stripes lately! As I said this would be gorgeous with the top above or with the black bralet that is coming below.


This is an example of the black bralet that I’ve been talking about.


Okay, those are all of my favorite picks that I came across. I was trying to find kind of stand out different things rather than just shorts and crop tops so I hope there is something that you like! Let me know if you buy anything because I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading xx




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