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Occasion-Wear For Spring Time

Occasion-Wear For Spring Time

Helloooooooo!! So, it’s communion, confirmation and wedding season and I’ve gathered up, as best I could, my favorite looks for these occasions. I’ve tried to be as varied as possible but I’ve included a lot of suits and pants just because I’m loving them at the moment and I would lean towards them before dresses just for something different. As well as these occasions, the suits and pants could be really nice to wear at work also- either together or separate just paired with a blouse or whatever. Anyway, I hope I can be of help if you need something dressy for whatever occasion you have coming up! Just click on the images if you want to be brought to their websites to buy.

As I said, I have a few pants selections so I’m just going to start off with some basic dressy tops that I have found to go with any of the pants I have to give you a better idea of the look I have in mind. I’ve just stuck with black or white because most of the pants are bright colored.


Those are just some examples of tops that I think would look good and give the look that I have in my head to wear with the selection of trousers I have picked or even inside the blazer of the suits. As you can see, I’m quite partial to a one shoulder top!

So next I’m going to show you the pants and suits I’ve been talking about but if you’re not into them or they just are not for you, don’t worry because I have dresses coming up too further down.

I love this style pants and I actually was turned off Boohoo for ages because I thought they were gone tacky but I saw a girl wearing these pants and I’m loving Boohoo again since I’ve had a look at their recent things. This pants also comes in ivory, navy and sage!

I don’t like the way this is worn on the model with the jacket closed but if it was open and a nice white top or with the pant on its own it would be so nice!!

I looooooove this and it’s a pants and top, not a jumpsuit, so you can wear them separately too!

The color is enough for me I don’t need to say anything else. So perfect for any of the occasions I’ve mentioned.

I’m obsessed with this like I wish I had a wedding or something to go to because it’s so different and the color is gorgeous! It would also be perrrrrrrfect for the races - Ladies Day!!


That’s enough of the pants style outfits so I’m sorry if you had no interest in pants but the rest are a few of the dresses that caught my eye. The dresses I’ve found would all be good for a wedding, races or anything slightly dressy so I hope you like!!

So nice for a wedding!!

If you don’t want to get very dressed up this would be lovely for a confirmation/communion with a pair of little heeled boots.

Again, a more casual idea and with a bit of red lipstick it would look so good.

As I’ve said before, blue is my favorite color but I just think this is different and would be such a pretty dress for a wedding or the races.

Okay, that’s everything I found and felt I would wear myself for a dressy occasion. If you need shoes to go with any of these, check out my previous post “My Top 12 Most Versatile Shoes” as I have a pair that will go with literally every outfit here if you’re stuck. Also, if nothing here tickled your fancy have a look at my other post about dresses from a few weeks back because there are some lovely dresses in there too that would suit any of these occasions.

I really hope you found something here that you liked, if not, tough shit and thanks so muuuuuch for reading!!

Ash xx

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