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My Basic And Affordable Beauty Products

My Basic And Affordable Beauty Products

Hellooooo! I’ve decided to change it up a little bit from clothes and style this time around and I’m going to go through my basic make up/ beauty products that I use. Baring in mind that I have no idea about make up or beauty products and I’v been using more or less the same make up since I was like thirteen/fourteen. I’m also a cheap bitch and have no shame in my game. I’ve never spent a lot of money on make up like if I was going to spend money on myself I would rather spend it on clothes. There’s probably someone who’s very into make up and beauty reading this and dying inside already so I am sorry not sorry. In saying that, I have found the things I like, that suit me and having been using them for years means I can definitely recommend them. So if you want some affordable beauty products or are just interested in what I use, then keep reading! All of these, by the way, can be bought in any pharmacy or in Inglot and Mac.


So I have very oily skin, like you could do the morning fry off my face at times but I came across this years ago and it literally just closes up your pores! I would wear this even without make up too to just to make my skin look better on a normal day and its only like €11.. I couldn’t imagine wearing my foundation without this now because I have it in my head that it would just seep into my pores without it. If you’re skin is more dry though this would literally not help at all because it even makes my skin dry after i apply it.


I’ve used this foundation probably since I was like fifteen after I had gone through all those shitty mousse foundations that everyone used to have! I just think it suits me perfect, it’s not too cakey at all but I can also wear it on a night out. I feel like its a natural looking foundation for day time but I still wear it on a night out with a little bit extra and some tan on my face as well. Off the top of my head this is like €13 or so. The shade is use is 103.

56706254_1790119021087555_8649965208162271232_n (1).jpg

Continuing on from my foundation, as I said, I also wear tan on my face especially when I go out. I wear it under my foundation and I just think it makes such a difference. I think my foundation just sits better when I have it on and instead of getting an overall darker shade of foundation I think it gives me the best color. I only put it on my cheek area and forehead like the contour areas I suppose. I wear it on my face because when I have a natural tan my face is always kind of pale because I wear a higher factor on my face as you should. Bondi Sands Dark is the tan I use and I was actually a bit excited for Winter to come around last year because I wanted to try out Bondi Sands tan over here as I had heard lots about it. I love it! It’s a brown color instead of orange which is obviously what you want. When I went home in September I had to use Cocoa Brown and I would have used that all the time at home before I left for Australia but oh my God when I put it on after months of not using it, I was like what is this orange shit? So I’d be a big fan of Bondi Sands now anyway. It washes off really well and it’s not patchy so I would definitely recommend. I know it’s more expensive in Ireland than here but please, don’t be going around with orange tan if you can because there’s nothing worse.


Honestly I’ve bought loads of mascaras over the years when I was younger trying things out but I really think this is better than any of the more expensive ones that you buy, at least in the chemist anyway! I don’t know about the bigger branded ones but I actually wouldn’t be bothered to try them either because this is like €5 and I think it’s brilliant. It gives me very full lashes and I’ve used it for years.


Someone is definitely going to get a good laugh out of this because, yes, these are the eye shadows I use. €3.50 from Penney’s (Primark). I wasn’t joking when I said I’m really not bothered in spending lots of money on make up! These are the colors I use all the time like I’m not one for changing up my eye make up because I feel like I’m only really suited to a bronzed eye or else I look tacky. However, just because things are cheap does not mean they are bad because the pigments in these are really good and the value for money is unreal. Obviously I haven’t always used this particular palette because they do change things in Primark regularly enough but these are more or less the colors I use - bronze, orange, gold. burnt orange/brown.


There’s not much to say about this really other than it does a perfect winged liner for me and lasts really long too. It’s also reallyyyyy cheap only €5 and I’ve also been using this for years.


I tint my eyebrows and eyelashes and I would recommend anyone to do it regardless of whether you’re fair or not. It just catches all the baby hairs and gives you fuller brows and the same with your lashes. It just makes them stand out more even when you’re not wearing mascara. I used to go to a beautician when I started doing it but then a friend of mine said she does hers at home and I’ve done the same ever since. It’s so easy to do and will save you so much money. The kit is like €10 or so and you could use it roughly six times or so? Compared to getting it done once in the beauticians for €20.


My friends got me this a part of my 21st birthday present from Inglot and I don’t know what I was even using before this like I’m pretty sure I used powder?! This eyebrow gel is definitely the best thing I’ve used in my brows and I wouldn’t use anything else now. I think this is roughly €15


This is the highlighter I use and it’s from Inglot. I don’t know the name of it or anything but it really makes your cheeks shimmer and pop. I only got this for the first time a few months ago but I would definitely get it again. I got this in Australia and it was like $35 so it’s probably €22 roughly.


I got this in a pop up shop for like $2 on sale so I’m not sure where you can actually buy it but I love this. If you ever come across it definitely buy it because I use it on my collar bones and shoulders and it really makes them pop. It’s especially nice when you have tan on it just gives you a golden glow.


I love Mac lipsticks and I also love Primark lipsticks just as much but I can’t get them here unfortunately. I have four colors that I own and wear regularly that are:

  • Red- Ruby Woo,

  • Nude- Velvet Teddy,

  • Burgundy/darker nude- Whirl

  • Coral/orange- Lady Danger


To finish off my make up I HAVE to have powder obviously because of my oily skin and I carry it with me every night out or in general when I wear make up. I’ve had this one for a good while now and as you can see I need to get myself into the chemist asap to buy another one because it’s practically gone. Anyway, I like this one because it’s translucent so you’re not caking on more make up you’re literally just getting rid of the oil and mattefying your make up back to normal. Again, this is also really cheap it’s roughly €7 or so.


Before I bought this I would have just used any cleanser but I bought this by chance one time and it was so good for my skin. As I said earlier, my skin is very oily and /I find this just tightens up my pores and properly cleanses it. I’ve used loads of cleansers and all of them have been grand like nothing special they just clean my face but this one I really noticed a difference. So if you have oily skin give this a try but it actually says it’s for all skin types.


So the last thing that I use regularly and by regularly I mean probably every time I bother to do my hair because I don’t really straighten my hair. I don’t love my hair straight I just think after a while it looks shitty but I should really change things up. However, this curler is the best thing I have bought, thank you Grace McManus for introducing me to it!! Its called a Babyliss Curling Wand Pro 25-13mm and I bought it for €30 in Boots but you can get it anywhere online. The curls in the pictures above are after a night sleeping on them and I had my hair in a pony tail for work. I took my hair down and just touched up my front curl because it had fallen out a little bit from the pony tail, brushed them through and they are still perfect. I could sleep on these for a second night and they would still be more or less the same just a little bit greasy so I wouldn’t be going out in them BUT the fact that they still stay the same is unreal. I just love the style of the curl that they give and my mom along with a few of my friends have bought this because they love it.

So they are all of the products that I use when wearing make up etc. and again I have to reiterate I genuinely know nothing about make up and beauty so don’t take my recommendations with a pinch of salt. I only know what suits me so thanks for reading and let me know if you try out any of these and what you think!

Ash xx

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