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My Top 12 Most Versatile Shoes

My Top 12 Most Versatile Shoes

As I promised in my last post, I’ve gathered up my favorite style shoes at the moment and they are all reasonably priced because I’m all about a bargain. They are all very versatile as well so they will go with so many different outfits and help finish off your look!

Dr. Marten style boots for half the price, where would be going?! I used to have a pair of similar boots from Penney’s for like six years so paying a lot for something doesn’t always mean they are better quality.

So, if you read my last post you will see that I more or less said everything would look well with chunky white trainers. I really like this pair and they aren’t too chunky but if you want just a normal non chunky white trainer then keep scrolling.

I really love these! They’re just a little bit different to a average black ankle boot and will go with loads of things.

Similar to the ones above but just a shinier material if you would prefer that look and less chunky.

White heeled boots are very popular and I have a similar pair myself. They can just make plain outfits so nice.

This is the less chunky pair of white trainers if you just want a normal pair. I like these ones because they have a little bit of a platform and I have short legs.

Basic nude heel that will go with literally anything. I barely wear heels anymore unless they have this kind of heel because don’t even bother giving me a stiletto. If you need to wear strappy heels this is the comfiest style there is and it’s all I would wear.

I know it’s coming into Spring/Summer in Ireland but knee high boots are not just for winter. I think they look so nice with flowery dresses as well and it’s not exactly sweltering heat all summer either so I’m sure there will be plenty of suitable opportunities for these.

As I said, I have short legs, so I’d be partial to a bit of a platform. Beige color will go with almost everything when the sun comes out! A perfect sandal for a dressy/casual occasion.

Simple black ankle boot - it speaks for itself really.

Perfect strappy white sandal with the perfect heel and it’s as comfortable as you’re going to get.

Sorry these last three shoes are just basic staples so not much to say about them other than they are just necessities in my opinion.

Okay, that’s everything that I gathered up so I hope you like it and thaaaaaaaaaaanks for reading!!



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