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Dresses For Day Or Night And Any Occasion

Dresses For Day Or Night And Any Occasion

Seeing as I’m slowly starting off I thought I would start my non festive posts with something as simple and general as dresses. I’ve had a look around at the dresses I’m loving at the moment both for day time and going out. I’ve also picked out my favorite style shoes to go with all the dresses and will probably go with almost everything, but they will be in a separate blog in the next few days!! Click the pictures for direct links to the dresses.

I’m a huge Pretty Little Thing fan and have been for years because there are always so many options of all the latest trends and so affordable too. I’ve heard a few people talk about issues with sizing etc but I think I’ve always been lucky with sizing. The only thing I would say is the quality isn’t always as good as you would expect from the pictures but still has always looked good!

Anyway, here are a few of the dresses I found from there:

So simple but red is so fab! That hat, black heeled ankle boots, black leather jacket or black baggy denim jacket a some red lipstick. Or, more casual, I would pair it with chunky white trainers, pulled up crisp white socks above the ankle and a white denim jacket.

So first of all, my favorite color is blue which most of my friends will know so I am a bit biased and forgive me if in the future I bombard you with blue things but, it’s the best color, no?!

Anyway, I’d love this with white trainers as well and white socks up to the ankles and a pair of hoops like what the model is wearing. I just love the buckle and that you can sinch in the waist. Its very casual and plain but paired with those things its a simple nice outfit.

EVERYTHING these days can be worn with white trainers so I’m probably going to say that about 90% of the dresses I’ve picked because I’m loving them and the socks again so yeah, sorry for repeating myself. You could also wear this with black Dr. Martens (or a cheaper version of them that I will show you in my shoe post soon), tights and a leather jackets.

It would also be nice for going out with white ankles boots that will also be in the next blog.

Love pinstripes and belts around the waist!

The next few dresses are from Nasty Gal which I really recommend especially because they have such nice bits and seem to always have such a good sale on like 40/50% off. There’s actually a 40% sale on at the moment, such a good deal!! The quality of the clothes I’ve ordered from there has always been really good as well like good, thick material.

I found SO many nice dresses here so there’s a mixture of everything between day time, night out and dresses for a dressed up occasion.

I am looooving midi dresses at the moment they can be both dressy and casual depending on how you wear them. I love the way its worn here in the pic with chunky black boots and buckled belt. Throw a leather jacket over it and its A1 or put a black polo neck inside it.

You could also put a white t-shirt or white polo neck inside it and pair it with white trainers.

Or, for night time, just pair it with strappy heels.

A white t-shirt or white polo neck with chunky white trainers or on its own with similar boots to the ones she has on.

You could also just wear simple white strappy heels for a night out and of course, red lipstick. I’m probably red lipstick’s biggest fan. Mac Ruby Woo - so good!!

I’m not a huge fan of the snake skin print trend but I thought this was kind of cool. The same type of idea with this dress. I’d pair it with either a white, black or beige polo neck and black ankle boots or white trainers.

You could also wear it like the model with strappy heels and wear chunky gold drop earrings too.

Simple and only way I would wear this is with a black polo neck, tights and either black Dr. Martens or black heeled ankle boots.

I love blazer dresses! I think they’re so classy and flattering and Nasty Gal has so many nice ones.

I would pair this one with nude heels, gold earrings and Mac ‘Whirl’ lipstick.

This would be lovely with black heeled ankle boots or add a bit of color with a colored pair of heels.

I would also probably wear some sort of a bold lipstick like burgundy or red. A big fan of the bold lip.

Love this color!! I’d keep it simple because the color is enough so white strappy heels or white ankle boot heels.

This dress is so nice and I don’t even wear pink!

I love how the model is wearing it but obviously you could also dress it up a bit more and just add nude or white heels.

Love this neckline and sheer sleeves.

Earrings like the model’s would be so nice and a clear heel to keep it simple but I love a bit of color so I would probably wear a coral bag and matching coral lipstick. Then just a pair of white heels.

As I said, I wouldn’t wear pink myself, just because it doesn’t suit me, but this dress is so nice and I love the one sleeve.

Nude heels and drop down earrings.

Love the one shoulder and again the belt with the buckle to sinch in your waist is so flattering.

This would be perfect for something like the races or a social or anything along those lines. Thick gold earrings would be fab. There are lots of those style around at the moment.

Love the color of this dress and it has a fab low back too. So simple and classy. If only my personality could match my fashion sense!

Silver drop earrings with a diamond to match the colour of the dress would be so nice and a pair of clear heels.

These last two are from Quiz which isn’t a hugely popular website but I was looking for these style dresses and came across these two and they were exactly what I was looking for.

I just really like the look of these style dresses at the moment and they are very flattering especially with the belt around the waist. It looks so nice with the white polo neck or you could wear black its that’s more you and just tights and black ankle boots or Dr. Martens.

Again, the same kind of style but with added color and as I said before, blue is my favorite color so I love this. These two dresses would also be perfect to wear to work in a office type job or just as a regular day time outfit.

So that’s all of my top picks for dresses. I hope you like them and just click the photos for direct links to any of them. I’ve gathered up a really nice selection of shoes that I was talking about so I’ll try and have that post up ASAP.

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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